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Dartural Hair Darkening Conditioner

Dartural Hair Darkening Conditioner

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Get silky smooth hair in just a few brushes!

Frizzy, curly, and brittle hair no more! Get silky smooth hair with the Silky Hair Instant Straightener Comb!

The Silky Hair Instant Straightener Comb is made from flexible and durable plastic ABS that could withstand the toughest tangles. It is waterproof, making it suitable for damp and wet hair.


  • Anti-Tangle- Remove tangles and knots in your hair.
  • Waterproof- Combing  damp hair won’t be a problem with the Silky Hair Instant Straightener Comb.
  • Get Smooth and Silky Hair- Improve hair texture in just a few brushes!
  • Flexible-  The product can be used as a styling brush or a normal day-to-day brush.
  • Gentle- The Silky Hair Instant Straightening Comb’s bristles are gentle on the scalp. It prevents scalp injury and scratching.
  • Lightweight- The product is lightweight and easy to use. Arm fatigue won’t be a problem with the Silky Hair Instant Straightener Comb.
  • Universal- The comb suitable  from 1 to 4B hair types.
  • Heat Resistant- The comb is resistant to hot and cold temperatures. 


  • Comb your hair as you normally would.
  • If the comb is wet, let it dry.
  • Frequently wash the brush to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Temperatures for curling hair by hair type and textures: 
    • For Wavy/Wavy/Curly Hair: 210C/ 410F
    • For Normal/Slightly Curly Hair: 190C/374F
    • For Dyed/Dark Hair: 170C/338F
    • For Soft/Thin Hair: 130C/ 266F 
  • Product Dimension: 120x 270mm  / 4.72 x 10.62in 


  • Ingredients: Heat-resistant ABS plastic, iron
  • Color Option: White, Balck, Emerald
  • Audience: General, Men, Women
  • Applicable: General, Children, Teens, Adults, Elderly
  • Voltage: 220V


  • X1 Silky Hair Instant Straightener Comb 

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